Welcome to the Open Science home for Future Science Leaders

The Future Science Leaders program is designed for students to develop the talent, drive, and discipline needed to excel in scientific research and innovations. More info

This is the second year of Future Science Leaders where students apply their skills to real world challenges. For their research and engineering projects, they have committed to the open science ideal and will share their data and progress as it happens. The website is sponsored by the Open Science Federation.

So what will you find on this network?

The students are either Researchers or Engineers and have their own web presence with similar structures.

General idea



Home page with blog posts of cool science, background info, summary of meetings Budding Scientists Engineers 2012
Online notebook* now integrated into project sites Project Notebook
Wiki for current practices now integrated into project sites FSL Engineers Wiki

*Online notebooks will be added for new projects as needed.

To start, the Researchers are characterizing yeast involved in fermentation and the Engineers are preparing for a VEX competition. Plus, the Engineers are working on a camera for a microscope so we can see better photos of the yeast isolated by the Researchers.


Please take a look around and leave some feedback for the students on their progress.

This is also a bit of an experiment with Open Science. Do you think these students will be more likely to use Open Science protocols in the future? I wonder. Plus, we’re experimenting with the best use of online documentation for science in an economical way – thanks again to the Open Science Federation.