Step out of your comfort zone!

Over the past summer, I was at a program that really emphasized to us that the 3 most important keys to succeeding in anything is to “create, innovate, and ideate.” Over the course of my one month stay at the university campus, they really nailed this idea into our minds. They told us that for us to really grow, we must first master these 3 actions…but how? How do we just go from our everyday lives to suddenly creating, innovating and even ideating? It all starts with the first step: stepping out from your comfort zone.

If our comfort zones are depicted as circles, then every one of us would have three circles. The smallest and innermost one being our comfort zone. This is the one where we feel most comfortable in, and where some of us would prefer to spend most of our time in. The second one is the growth zone, and then finally the panic zone. The growth zone is where we are pushing our boundaries in an attempt to expand our comfort zone. We might not feel comfortable in the growth zone, in fact, some of us might start to feel panicky already, but this is all a part of the growing. The panic zone is simply the zone where we are panicking. There are many arguments as to which circle is the optimal one to be in. While most say that it is the growth zone, some say otherwise. Some argue that the panic zone is where we should be in for optimal results. Nevertheless, the first and most important step is still to take that first step out of your comfort zone!

Here’s a fun comfort zone calculator to find out where you are at:

Below is an interesting infographic illustrating the survey results of the difference in comfort zone levels between men and women.


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  1. milnehouse says:

    Interesting! It recommended that I start my own business and skydive…